MIDI GUITAR 3 - coming soon!

MIDI Guitar 3 is on its way. Starting in February we are going into the Beta testing phase.

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“First round of BETA testing will be limited to customers of the MIDI GUITAR 2 plugin, and limited to MAC OS.”

Is the second round only for MAC OS as well?

Additional information about which platforms are to be included in what test group will be posted soon on the Beta signup page.


We had a pretty good time together but you also caused a lot of frustration.

Honestly, MPE was the only reason I even continued with the relationship in the first place.

I don’t care if you, this year at NAMM 2024, will show some new sides of yourself…

I’m done with you Zivix Jamstik MIDI Guitar! :wink:

I’ll have a way better time with Jamorigin’s MG3!
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Will this also include MIDI Bass 2? That’s what I’ve been waiting for. Hopefully looking for at least 2-note polyphony, like 10th chords.

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MIDI BASS 2 (duophonic and MPE) will come at some point after MG3.


How customers of MIDI GUITAR 2 with MAC OS can download Midi Guitar 3 BETA testing?

Excellent news. I can’t wait to try MG3, but MG2 is good too. :smiley:


AWESOME! Patiently waiting for the PC/Windows MG3 beta and release versions.


Update price? Can you keep it below $50.00, or $25.00 for IOS devices?

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Awesome news. I just signed up and will be waiting eagerly for when the testing of the Windows version will begin. :smiley: :+1:

I am a user of MIDI GUITAR 2 in the iOS version. Due to the hardware change, I will have to upgrade to the MacOS version. I wanted to register to test the beta version, but even though I entered my email several times, I never received a message :frowning:

Hey @Popmar
Welcome here, first of all! :handshake:
You registered to the mailing list that will send out information on the Beta testing as it begins. :+1:

/There is most certainly a mail sent out to you to confirm subscription

(Sorry about any confusion here.)

no, signing up requries you to enter the registered email adress used for pruchasing MG2 on desktop. You do get a confirmation email.
Currently signing up for the beta is only possible for registered desktop users.
iOS appstore does not provide developers with any contact data, so it is technically virtually impossible to link the ios users.

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for more details you have to ask the Dänish guy :wink:
I just used the wrong emailadress, and then I noticed the email had to be the registered one.

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Thanks Paul! Will do! :pray:

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This is incorrect. Anybody can sign up on the forms on the website (ie. on BETA Testing – Jam Origin). I also see almost all confirmation emails are delivered. I’ll double check if there are problems with the form.

If you didn’t receive a confirmation, please check your spam folder and if you use gmail, check the “promotional” tab.

ok, it was just that 1 email adress didn’t work at all, and there was this line on the beta link page:

  • First round of BETA testing will be limited to customers of the MIDI GUITAR 2 plugin, and limited to MAC OS.

So I guess the beta will check for the license, all clear.

Ah, thank you Paul. Not sure why that email wouldn’t work.
I had to update the server yesterday, so that might have caused the problem.

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