MIDI GUITAR 3 - coming soon!

Sure do!

But MIDI Guitar 3 also comes with pretty advanced possibilities to set up all kinds of real-time modulation, so check that out before purchasing any new gear (f you are not 100% sure that is exactly what you want.)

Thanks bro greatly appreciated for you quick reply on this question.

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Thanks again.
There are a few versions available from different manufacturers at lower prices.
You can also build your own if you know and understand about audrino, soldering etc at a fraction of the price compromising quality I believe.

Sure there are! Bear in mind ,however, for some of the cheaper ones I have seen, there are stuff like extra batteries/powerbanks and iPhone access and stuff like this involved. But if you do due diligence and know what you are buying, there are cheaper alternatives. I have not tried them, so I can’t speak of them personally though.

In this project we will build a simple USB MIDI plug-and-play breath controller. It is designed using easy to find cheap components so that the total cost remains affordable and well below commercial equivalents. This is the basic version that only uses the air pressure sensor but the plan is to upgrade it to include a bite and nod/tilt sensor in the future.

Link: Arduino Breath Controller for Cheap (USB-MIDI) - Hackster.io



Sounds great! Make sure to upload a video of it here in the demo section, displaying it in action. I am sure there are lots of people looking for affordable alternatives. :+1:

Hi again.
The YouTube link one is best
Has breath, bite and tilt etc


Although I work mainly on Apple silicon. Will there be any chance in the future of a Linux version, since I do a lot of experimental work with Linux too?
I’m really looking forward to version 3. :sunglasses:

Hello @Roberto, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

Jam Origin is a company run and managed by a developer, salesperson, manager, plus all the rest, who runs the store all by himself as best he can.

It’s the opposite of companies with a large staff who, despite this, don’t take the plunge because the profitability of the operation is not at all obvious.

Apart from the complexity or cost of development (which is only a question of time for a developer), the management of an additional platform (which is a contractual obligation) is expensive and requires dedicated staff who are constantly on call (maintenance and support represent a major expense on a daily basis).

What’s more, the very limited return on investment compared with other OSs not only means no money is made, but is also likely to result in a loss of money.

Unfortunately, this is the law of the market economy, which forces us to make increasingly drastic choices to get by.

Fortunately, we’re lucky enough to have Midi Guitar in Mac, Windows and iOS versions. :grinning:


Ok, thanks. I’ve dabbled in coding hobby audio projects myself over the years, so I understand. That’s why I just like to play nowadays! :rofl:

Does anyone have any new information about this?

Hello JamO, I only wish to use the stand alone version. So if I were to purchase a license today what would I be looking at paying to upgrade to MG3?

I’m also wondering about the potential upgrade price range. I was considering getting MG2 for a while and now my tax return is here but I also see MG3 is on the way…I do run on an m1 MacBook Pro so could beta test (I do love to help with those sorts of things) but am hesitant to get 2 knowing that 3 could not be far off.

Is it possible to let us know some details, even if they are loose, about how much extra MG2 late buyers would be paying for an upgrade to MG3 and if it is comparable to just waiting for 3 to release?

Answered a few posts ago

I read that, it says plugin version. I am asking about the stand alone version.

The standalone version comes with the plugin version - it is a bundle. This is what is sometimes referred to as the “full version”, as opposed to the GarageBand or the iOS versions. So if you purchase the full version of MG2, for PC or Mac, you will get the upgrade to MG3 for free!



Thank you for the clarification.

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Hi @LoFiLeiF does it mean that for MG2 iOS owners will not be an MG3 option ?
Only Mac/PC is planned ?

Hey @alex

I don’t know what the status for (pure) iOS users is at this point.

Hi everyone,

I am new to GM2 and this forum. Just discovered this awesome software as I was looking for a way to display a fretboard with midi input from my guitar for teaching purpose.

I have tested out GM2 working with protool and all my VST, in particular the shreddage 3 for the fretboard displaying. More experiments are needed to better the result.

Since I am still on the trial and happy to pay for GM2. just wondering if we know the GM3 is coming out like real soon so I could just get GM3 instead of GM2 then pay for another upgrade?