MIDI GUITAR 3 for Windows

When will MIDI GUITAR 3 for Windows be released?


Its highest priority and we are working on it… but I dont know when…


Also waiting anxiously … :cold_sweat:

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Aaah, it’s driving me crazy. Let Mac users wait the longest next time. It’s been so many years now, and then: It’s here!!! (for MAC). Wrong priority. MG existed on Windows first.

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I have followed the forum daily since the first MAC beta dropped, in hope that a WIN verson might show up. :wink:

But we will get an e-mail when we can download it.

Since @JamO gave us this amazing update for free I plan to make videos using MG3 but in a non-guitar, non-bass and non-cello way.

I have plenty of other instruments I want to try! :slight_smile: :+1:

Not only that, there is this software called Dubler 2 by Vochlea for singing into MIDI. It is monophonic.

But Dubler 2 does not have MPE. :wink:

Maybe MG3 in monophonic mode will perform better, and that way some might choose to buy MG3 over Dubler 2?

I hope all on this forum, this summer, start to flood Youtube with MG3 videos - I mean we got it for free and new users should really know about it. :sunglasses:


What is the pitch range on Dubler 2? That might be an interesting parallel of sorts with MG3/MB2. I am also a Windows user, so trying to wait patiently for MG3/MB2 haha. I’d be very interested to hear what a group of vocalists for example or an overtone singer can achieve polyphonically with MG3’s MPE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC9Qh709gas

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I have no clue, I tried a free trial demo of Dubler 2 for 7 days some years ago and was unsure if I should buy it or not and then found a free alternative that works pretty well:

Dubler 2 still has many advantages over Dodo MIDI 2 so recently I was again looking at maybe getting it but then thought of MG3 in monophonic mode with MPE. :sunglasses:

Thank you for the great video, it reminds me that this vocal experiment with MG3 should really be done by professionals who can actually sing and not someone like me who only wants to hum certain things very fast and who can’t really sing. :wink:

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Humming is a good idea. Also, auto tune would probably make for an interesting companion with MG2/MG3 for those who don’t have great pitch control (which is something I’m still working on myself). Might be a good substitute for a breath controller even in a way.

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Estou aguardando também o MG3 para win. Vamos pressionar uma melhor atenção para usuários de win.

I’m guessing MAC is a more stable test environment (less variables)
I hate to admit it but it makes sense.
I’m hoping I live long enough to see it on Windows!


Its highest priority and we are working on it…
but I dont know when…

Hihihi, that was exactly the answer I expected.
The same words since 5 or so years.


Thank you for sharing :heart:. Looking forward to test out V3 with my Piccolo Bass Guitar. With V3 soon to come out, I’m holding back for the Boss GM800.

Don’t toy with us JamO :smiling_face_with_tear:

Please note that you can’t compare the MG3 to the GM-800 in any way. I have both and if I had to give one away, the GM-800 would be gone (without shedding a tear).


I really hope MG3 will make me feel the same about the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar… :sunglasses:

Despite having the VG88EX, VG99, Boss GP-10 & SY-1000 and having had GR-55 and GR-33 (sold them both) when GM800 was launched my first impression was that it was not worth buying…

Had Boss instead made a machine with physical modeling where one could build hybrid instruments that sound like Pianoteq/SWAM-instruments with the help of an editor and added MIDI 2.0/MPE etc. I would have bought it right away to tweak great and unique patches.

But something tells me I will be able to do all that, and more, with MG3. :wink:

Hopefully @JamO will sooner or later add the mentioned hexaphonic option to MG3 (should be low priority), for all the GP-10/SY-1000 users. :+1:


This would be indeed very interesting and would open up a lot of additional options with the current MG3 concept no other single device or plugin could deliver. It would make me very happy since I have 7 guitars equipped with either the GK3-kit or the Graphtech Ghost system.

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Thank you for your input. As a ‘‘Bass Player’’ Audio to MIDI hardware or software have always been (at least for me) a difficulty…Since I got myself a Piccolo Bass (Normal Bass with Guitar strings) this makes an ABSOLUTE Positive experience for me with MIDIguitar v2.

…In the end, I guess i’m a fanboy of Boss because of all their hardware: SY, GM, GK…



Wow, 7 guitars! :+1:

I only have a Godin electric and the Godin fretless nylon with 13-pin out. :wink:

Since I have a Variax 700 Bass I am also looking forward to the new version of MIDI Bass.

Last but not least I have a GK-equipped Cantini 5 string violin so the upcoming MIDI Violin/Cello will be so much fun to finally try for Windows! :heart_eyes:

Hopefully the mentioned hexaphonic feature will also make its way to MIDI Violin/Cello. :+1:

I was tempted to buy an Apple Mac Laptop, so I could get to use MG3 sooner.

But, I’ll wait a year and see if a Windows MG3 version becomes available.