Patch switch using nanoPad

Two questions: 1) Can I use a Korg nanoPad2 to switch among patches in MG standalone. And, if so
2) Can someone walk me through the setup. I’d need a step-by-step for idiots guide. (I have a patch called “001 Deep Driving Blues,” so I think I tried something like this before, but failed. Can’t remember…)

according to the manual, the nanopad2 can be configured to send program change messages.

so, yes, it can be used to switch patches.

i wish i could provide more detail, but the overview is 1) use the nanopad2 editor to configure buttons to send program change messages of 1, 2, 3, etc, then 2) enable it in the mg2 setup.

i don’t recall the details, but i think there may be an issue where program change 1 gives you preset 2. if you want the first preset you may need to use 0.

It’s working!!! After small progress, then repeated failure, then some mac voodoo dance/reboot, it works.
Thanks for the reply, kimyo.

Update – Not working. I got 3 patches to load and change, but not corresponding to the numbers.
I’ve spent a day or so this time, reading quite a few threads on this forum. I configured the Korg control to send program changes 0 through 15, for the 16 pads. I then saved MG patches named 001, 002 and so forth. MG will not load anything called 001, but starts with variants of 002 from top pad/button (sending prog change 0) and from there goes to 003, then alphabetical; Acoustic Piano, Bass, etc.

I’m back to using Mainstage, which is responding to the nanoPad. Patch assignments change instantly with a tap. I got a rehearsal Saturday, and haven’t learned the guitar book yet due to this project in music technology. -sigh- Fortunately, it’s only rock and roll. And I like it…

are you running mg2 in a daw? this post makes it seem like that is an issue re: program changes:

I’ve been using the mg2 standalone, trying to get quick patch changes. I appreciate the help with that; I needed to study the nanopad manual. Now I’m getting good results in mainstage, so that will be my sounds for a rehearsal in 2 days.
Haven’t put mg2 in a channel strip in mainstage yet, but that has worked before.
I’ll have some time in the next couple of weeks to refine this setup, before dress rehearsals and show.