Studio One issue

Good Morning,
Currently using the latest version on Studio One Professional…
Trying to assess if I want to purchase! I set up according to the video guide step by step several times and I can get audio to convert to sound just fine in a virtual instrument…it is even triggering the piano keys on the virtual piano…when I go to record, it only records as audio on the audio track. No midi data is recorded on the instrument track. Does this not come with the trial version? Other thoughts?

If I can figure this out I am very excited to buy! Thanks

Hello dougrus, welcome here!

I do not know if it is a trial version issue, but if not, did you have a look at these topics ?
Maybe it can help.

How to record MG2 in Studio One
Studio One - no midi from Midi Guitar 2

In general, type keywords like “studio one” in the Search field and you’ll have several results about MG2 with Studio One.

Hope you’ll find something useful :grinning:

Yes, I did read those threads. They were slightly different issues. Its just wierd. The virtual instrument is responding it just isnt recording the midi data. When I go right to my midi controller it records fine.

ok, did you arm the midi track for recording?
While you are focused at the instrument track, does MG still work? (enable pathc Test piano, to hear MH working)

Yes Midi track was enabled for recording and Im not sure I understand the second question. But If Im understanding correctly, yes when the instrument track is on I can hear MG. In fact, in the console view I see activity in the virtual instruments meter. I even see the virtual keyboards keys in the virtual instruments reacting to the MG input. When I hit record it rolls along and I hear MG but no midi data is recorded. It is of note that the activity meter in the editor view does NOT seem to be reacting which is very weird. I will try to post a video.

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try again, I just gave you a better status manually

There are some ways to get lost in the Studio One options.
The summary of what is going on is not in the instrument window: the instrument itself is NOT dedicated to an instrument track!

Enlarge the track header of your instrument track to see the fields :
top: instrument -> this is where the isntrument is selected. Studio One keeps them in a pool, unlike other DAWs. Here the “Helix” synth is chosen.
middle: source -> here you select MG for input. (S1 abbreviates names)

So Studio One uses the instrument track for receiving midi from a source and sending them to an instrument. The instrument is not ON the track, but kept in a pool (left of the console, you see the instrument pool)
Mulitple tracks can send to the same instrument, very convenient for drumstuff and complex polyphonic keyboard arrangements…

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OMG! That did it! Im am very excited. Will be purchasing asap. Thank you so much for your help.

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Wow! I had exactely the same question!