The first MIDI Cello & Violin BETA is here!

Edit - May 2nd: Version 3.0.49 released. Tracking is now duophonic and it incorporates all recent fixes from MIDI Guitar 3.

Edit - April 28th: Version 3.0.48 released.

I’m pleased to announce a very first development version of MIDI CELLO!

Thank you to those of you who have been very patient. This is something that we have been postponing for many years, and so it’s with excitement and relief, we can publish this today.

There are some major caveats for now:

  • This has not yet been tested by any real violin- or cello-players! It has also not yet been fined-tuned with violin/cello training. With this first release we hope to find a few brave cello/viola/violin-players to help develop and fine-tune it (please send me a message).

  • The tracking is monophonic duophonic for now, and full range. It’s very general and may work very well with other instruments as well. Over time it will be more specialised to the nuances of bowed strings.

  • Its recommended to use with MPE instruments, but if you want to play a Piano or MIDI 1.0 instrument, make sure you add a CHROMATIC module.

  • Is will be a separate product to buy, but until its official release, MG license holders have it unlocked. It should automatically be unlocked for now, if you already have used MG3.

  • Other than tracking, it has all features of MIDI GUITAR 3 and the version number starts at 3.0.42 to match the latest MIDI GUITAR 3. We’ll keep them in sync as we make updates.

  • Only for Mac 11.0 and later, for now.

Download MIDI CELLO for Mac BETA.


I’m classically trained on both violin and guitar. Currently working with the beta MG#, and loving it so far!
I’d be happy to give MC a whirl, and provide some feedback. I actually thought MG# might work pretty well on it’s own for that, but will be interested to see how you guys have approached it as a separate project.

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Fantastic! Just ordered a new pickup to use with my Acoustic Violin, will be testing it out for sure. Maybe I can just try using a microphone for now, will give it a try and let you know how it goes.

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Thank you JamO

It’s unlikely I’ll have time to provide feedback on Midi Cello or MG3 until May.

My favourite interface is a small portable one which is 48k only and was recognised by Midi Cello :+1:.

A very brief look at the MC interface and instruments:

  1. scanning appears to have missed the LION synth by Unfiltered Audio (also missing in MG3)
  2. On the first upper left panel clicking through to G3 Violin is not saved with the patch

Looking forward to really having a good opportunity to test both apps out in May.


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YES! I’ve been looking forward to MIDI Cello for a long time now. Can’t wait to kick the tires. As far as full range goes, does that mean just C2 - A5 or can it go down a bit lower for 5 string electrics? I’ll play around with it; do I post found bugs here?

This is awesome news. My name is Rob Wechsler, I am a classically trained violinist playing fusion and rock…YouTube Sonic Discretion. I have been using Midi Guitar on my violin with great success, but it will be great see if the Midi Violin actually sees the range and harmonics from violin tuning. I would love to be a part of the Beta Testing for this app as I use it a great deal in my online concerts. /


Awesome, I love it!

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I really can’t wait for the windows VST! I use Spitfire Audio, but still the cello just doesn’t quite cut it for me. Count me in on the Windows beta.
Dee x

I I play double bass with a MIDI system I had made 25 years ago. Yamaha G50, AXOn AX 100 etc… I bought your Midiguitar software the first week the program came out. I’ve certainly been looking forward to it for double bass all this time. The Terratec engineer with the AX 100 had started work on detecting stringed instruments and I was in touch with him about the specificity of recognizing low frequencies. Unfortunately, they stopped production for lack of profitability. Things haven’t progressed in terms of hardware since then. I even bought the latest Fishman Bluetooth, but it no longer does aftertouch… The only desire now for hardware is to develop for guitar only. Business is business. I’ve been using midiguitar since the beginning with my double bass drop D guitar. So no E or A strings. I very much hope to see this application developed for double bass one day. Thanks a lot.

“Plugin cannot be opened”. My configuration: live 11, macos 10.15.7

Tried MIDI Cello with bowed double bass with piezo pickup (Realist) …except for the low notes below C,
I was delighted and surprised by the tracking and response to the bow. Very much looking fwd to its development and I don’t really care if the range isn’t extended for double bass, but hoping that the buffer size will be able to be reduced eventually.

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This sounds really exciting to try!

Experienced violinist and teacher here with both a Barcus Berry 1320 pickup on an acoustic and a Yamaha YEV 105 I can try this on. Looking forward to the Windows beta as that’s my primary platform but can also give the Mac version a go. What sort of feedback are you looking for at this stage? Any area in particular?


Hello apSion, the link contains the macOS download of MIDI Cello. Any feedback is welcome.

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Tried the beta on my YEV105 through a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 today. Very impressed with the tracking; it stays pretty well locked on even through very rapid passages. I can see the MPE display tracking my slides and bends too which is very cool!
Tested loading a few Arturia synths and Kontakt patches into it and they all worked really well. Quite exciting to be able to drive those sounds from my violin :sunglasses:
The bow pressure response is great, I can imagine routing that to synth parameters will be quite fun!
I did have a couple of crashes in the hour or so I was playing with it, would the log file be useful to you?


Hi, I play both violin and viola. Happy to test early next week. I use a DPA 4099 with acoustic viola most of the time.


Happy to see this here, it’s giving me…ideas. :slight_smile: Forgive me if I missed someone else asking this question already, but my present interest is this: you said “[t]he tracking is monophonic for now…”

So, what is the ultimate plan here? I think I’ve heard that MIDI Bass 3 intends duophony down to the extent of its supported range; is MIDI Cello then intended also for duophony, or possibly for full 4-note polyphony at “full range”? (And then there is the question of five-string cello players, which might then go down to all the way to F1…)

Anyway, what’s the target ultimately for MIDI Cello?

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Any news about Midi Bass 3. I am eagerly awaiting this product. if it is anything like MG3 then I am going to go crazy. I have some tour dates coming up and I can’t wait to road test this. Hopefully it will cover 6 string Bass Range.

Thank you for feedback everyone!

MIDI Cello was updated to version 3.0.49. This is duophonic and incorporates all the fixes in recent MG3 updates.

I will add more comments in my first post above.

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Hallo! I am a Cellist, both Classical and Electric and i am totally interested to try MIDI Cello! I have tested MIDI Guitar 2 with my cello in the past and the project is really very interesting and powerful! Is There a Windows Version Of MIDI Cello?

Hey there,

Was trying to find a way to PM but doesn’t seem possible.

I’m a cellist and a software developer for music applications. I’ve mainly been using MG2 for Cello up to this point, I can offer some help with testing and refining. Let me know how to proceed, thanks :slight_smile: