Too expensive!

With Reaper you can do monophonic audio to midi conversion:

Reaper is $60 and it is a full-fledged DAW, not to mention that the nag screen is only 5 seconds when you start a new session.

Reaper is popular and one of the reasons for that is that it is very affordable.

$39.99 would be a reasonable price for Jam Origin, but you would want to do half-off sales at least once a year.

If it is cheap enough everyone will get it. Most anyone can afford $20.

Logic Pro is only $54 more than Jam Origin, and Apple is famous for their high prices.

I can afford $145, but there’s no way I’m paying that, I only pay $60 for Reaper. Jam Origin should be cheaper than that.

Hello Antony, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand your reasoning, I might have the same if I discovered Midi Guitar today.

Monophonic audio to midi conversion is common and has been around for a long time, I used it from 1988 onwards, it was something extraordinary at the time.

Polyphonic conversion without hardware is a completely different challenge and there is a reason why there is no efficient and cheap software.

Of course you can use a hexaphonic pickup in Reaper with 6 instances of Reatune, but this will cost much more than Midi Guitar and will be frustrating and not very user-friendly.

Moreover, beyond the use at home, you will have to have a hexaphonic microphone by guitar if you want to change it in concert (for example if you break a string). As for using Reaper in concert, it is not a practical solution at all.

Finally, if Midi Guitar is not only a very successful polyphonic conversion solution, it is also a host plugin that allows you to play in audio and midi without the need for a daw, with direct access and controllable by midi controllers to legato, bend, aftertouch functions, different tuning options, and multiple Midi scripting slots (I frequently use these).

I forgot: a lifetime license is really a good investment. However I would be ready to pay for a next update because for me Midi Guitar is addictive and I could not do without it for my musical activity which is based on the exploitation of Midi instruments and effects with a guitar.

The price is the issue and not any of those other things.

Were you sitting around waiting for an excuse to tell your history of MIDI guitar?

Sorry. You left out the Triple Play, Axon and a couple of others, not that there was any point to it in the first place since the topic was the price.

I’m sorry, maybe I misunderstood what you said and I don’t understand the meaning of your answer: English is not my language and I use an automatic translation application.

All I can take from what you said is a matter of price and in this respect Midi Guitar is the cheapest and most practical solution for audio to midi conversion.

I agree. I came to this forum originally because the price stated on the site was $99. Then I go to pay and they’ve increased the price 50% because… reasons.
I’m told that this will include a free upgrade to midi guitar 3.

But this is not the way software pricing is done. You do not get to charge people for an unreleased product. Anything can happen. I could die they could die or the horse could learn to sing.

Hi @dalorin
Welcome to the forum, to begin with.
Where on this site does it still say $99? It would be most unfortunate since price har been $149 for well over over a year now.

So when you google midi guitar it pulls up the following site:
On that site it says, MIDI Guitar 2 is out! Please use it instead. There is a button you click.
Then it sends you to:
Scroll to the bottom of the page and you see the price of $99.
So given that the url actually has the word old in the name, I guess they neglected to update their site.
I don’t care. I’m just using Reaper with free plugins to get from guitar to midi. Polyphonic would be nice but not for $149. And not for paying 50% over an already high price.

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So, that is most unfortunate. I will point this out to @JamO, and we will certainly have to get this sorted out. I know for a fact that JamOrigin isn’t trying to deceive anyone, and had you purchased at a price you didn’t agree to there is of course a possibility for getting your money back. No problem! I don’t think I can do anything about pricing though, sorry!

if the price doesn’t suit you, move along.

i consider it to be a far better bargain than my previous investments in guitar to midi tech, including several roland products and the tripleplay. midi guitar was less expensive than any of these.

plus, it performs (for me, as a player who doesn’t use a pick) better, and feels more musical.

they could charge $199 and it would still be a better option than the others.


Understand that I am not attacking the product, or the business, or the company,

I’m just saying the price is off and that it will be much more popular, and profitable, if it were lower.

A higher price doesn’t necessarily mean more profits.

Converting audio to midi is simple. Not necessarily easy, but it is a simple thing as opposed to a digital audio workstation which is complex - they do many things.

People are going to expect to pay a lot more for a complex piece of software like a DAW than they would software that converts audio to midi.

Adding other functions to it like vst hosting or synthesizers doesn’t make it more attractive for most musicians because we have software that does those things already.

Pricing is tricky. If the price for something is too low people will think it is junk. If it is too high they will think it is a rip-off.

I’m trying to help here. I want to support this product, and that’s why I’m saying this.

If it is priced right it will be popular and that’s where the money is. If it is priced right most guitarists will buy it.

This is my read on it. They are charging for midiguitar 3. They have put a lot of work into it and want to be paid. I get it. Me personally, I’m going to wait for the release of midiguitar 3 if that is what the price is for. If it is low latency and low cpu usage then it will be worth the price. I’ll pay for it.
Of course there is also kind of a clock here.

Boss already has guitar synth pedals that do polyphonic tracking flawlessly.
My guestimate is about one year out from now somebody will release a cheap pedal similar to the SY-1 that does midi out. I’d say the cloning factories in Asia have that bad boy under the microscope right now poking away.

Good, reasonably priced, audio to midi conversion software would be a big deal and many people would take notice if it existed.

I thought Jam Origin was going to be it when it came out years ago, but the price never came down.

Because the price was so high I thought the software must be a ripoff. I’ve been watching LoFiLeiF, and I’ve come to realize the software is actually decent.

Here’s a great article on doing price surveys

You could even go to one of the many music forums and just ask people what they think the price should be. You’ll get a few jokers that will say <$5, but most will be honest about it. I’m guessing it will be between $15 and $60.

You’re much more likely to sell a million at $10 a piece, than you are to sell 10 at $1,000,000 a piece.

My 2 cents - I build 12 string bass/guitar TouchStyle instruments. I have been installing RMC electronics for MIDI purposes for many years. With that you would need to then purchase some kind of MIDI device like the Axon or Roland. This will cost my customers upwards of $3000. I have never been a big fan of the stock sounds within the Roland units. My new iterations of TouchStyle Guitars will not have the RMC and instead I will be pointing others to the MIDI Guitar 2. I think the $149 is a BARGAIN! Learn the settings and along with top notch plugins, you will get really great results! I bought it at full price and fully appreciate the product. Just my perspective….


Hello Mark, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your testimony and congratulations on your work and the beautiful instruments you create :heart_eyes:

At some point I will post an article/blog post about the MG2 plugin and process I use and some muting setups for TouchStyle purposes. Have not tested the Bass MIDI yet - that will be interesting to engage that on the bass side of the instrument while using the MG2 on the melody side. Also - Hat-tip to LoFiLeif for all his contributions as well! I am excited to be on this train…

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You’re not the typical plugin buyer.

If the owner has any sense they will do a survey of people who haven’t bought the plugin and find the price that will be the most profitable.

Look at the price of hardware guitar amps and compare that to software amp sims. Nobody is paying $500 for an amp sim even if that would be a “good price”.

IK Multimedia’s Amplitube Metal is $99.99 right now and you get 13 stomp boxes, 5 amps, 5 cabinets, 3 mics, and 3 rack FX with that.

That’s a good deal and sometimes they sell it for half that price.

At first I too thought it was too expensive. At the time my neighborhood had a meth cooking problem in three directions and I only had $30 extra per month. Like you I grumbled a bit, but eventually I bought it. Compared to an old Korg guitar synth from the 80’s it was not possible for me to get a glitch out of this setup unless I want it to.

I say think outside the box. While some forums might frown on this idea, if you mentioned some PayPal destination there are times I’d throw in a few bucks. Because if you had this you’d do the same since you realize how awesome this is.
I ended up getting lots of Native Instruments and am currently figuring to how to mount my SM-57 to under the computer monitor and get it to reside healthily for my acoustic 6-string.

You are just responding to the title and missing the point.
Why not read the rest of the thread?

TL;DR, I have the money.

The people who paid $149 don’t really want to see the price come down because then they’ll feel like they made a mistake.

I’m not here to argue. For anyone who has read what I’ve posted here, my point should be clear.

I had hopes for Jam Origin back in the day. I think it’s just a simple business mistake that is commonly made by independent software developers - they want to make more money so they raise their price when what they should be doing is lowering the price to sell more units and build a bigger community.

Hi again and thanks for taking the time to accuse me of being real cavalier with my attention span! You sound like a 1-way street, but here is my position: for over 15 years I was the computer repair guy within a couple mile radius. I easily cut my price when people couldn’t pay. There were so many reasons they didn’t feel they should pay. I never earned enough money to stay in business let alone have proper supplies. I became poorer than the people I set out to help, and the final stage is where entitled VIPs talk crap because, if they’re at the drinking establishment they can use whatever type of shaming they aren’t publicly guilty of themselves (my opinion).

After your insult I’d ask Jamo to raise the price to $200.
Just learn piano and bassoon or whatever.

Hi, I agree with OP

I’m disabled and currently can’t have a job but I don’t qualify for invalidity yet. I was hoping JO Guitar Midi 2 would have had a sale for either black friday, the holidays or any time. I can’t afford 149 usd, especially not after conversion in my currency ( which goes above 200$). I did have a keyboard and piano roll. so like the guy with the crack head room mate: I got creative , I have fun with the demo: but I’ll learn keyboard until I can afford this gem. which can may just never come lol!

And quick note to some ableists in the comment section: People with money never really seem to understand the hardship of being poor: I work hard to earn less being deny promotion just because Im too valuable at my current station bs, I scour all year for deals and have to always “get creative” to get creative, to eat or just exist. And always reading paternalistic comments like some of you dropped to “counter point / debate with OP” ( you know who you are) just really suck all around. ( And don’t get all snowflaky on me saying " oh we can’t say anything anymore" : you dish , I serve)

So yeah , it is a great niche expensive plug in: OP is right : this plug in could sell a lot more units with a sale price every now and then.

Don’t bother replying , I created this account just to post this one comment.