Where is Midi Guitar 3?

Have not heard anything about a release date for Midi Guitar 3 (was supposed to be last year).
Is this new version still happening?


It is MG3 because it is planned in 2030 :grinning:

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It will probably not be released, the silence/time says so…

I’m working obsessively hard on 3rd generation tracking for over 5 years, since 2 gen. :flushed:


Hi there JamO.

Speaking for myself, I see your unique product as the audio-to-midi conversion. Everything else is just an irritation to me - doubly so if it is holding up the release of v3.

You seem to think that the “ambition and scope” of v3 is a strength - if you are spending loads of time tinkering with anything except making the audio to midi better, I think that the ambition and scope is a weakness. IM(not-so)HO.

Having said all that, I think v2 is still a jaw-dropping product - astonishing that it does what it does as well as it does it. However, the Fishman Tripleplay Connect does it too, and a bit better, and a bit faster.

Most importantly, I can buy it today, whereas v3 is lost in 2021 and maybees.

I use v2 nearly everyday, and I would dearly love to see v3 released. If the tracking improvement is as good as between v1 and v2, you will have a winner product. Just get rid of the virtual instruments please!

I appreciate the hard work, but my impatience has reached levels I didn’t consider myself capable of. As a slide guitarist, to me MPE output is the difference between a gimmick and an instrument. Now I don’t want to say “I need…” too often, but I Do need polyphonic pitch control. I’m postponing recordings of a lot of material for quite some time now, making do with NI Reaktor effects, but ever since MG3 was announced my anxiety has been growing. I may need to be hospitalized soon until MG3 comes out. I have a serious MG3 deficiency.

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Thank you for the encouraging thoughts.

I’m only talking about tracking quality and development. All the surrounding stuff is no big deal and possible for me to outsource, or develop without taking much resources. 99% of the work is in the tracking technology and making sure it becomes another leap in terms of tracking quality, sensitivity, range and types of instruments it can recognise.

As you said, MG2 is already darn good, and at some point, around 7 years ago, I realised that I cant get any further with it, due to physics and it led me to rethink every assumption it makes about sound and physics.

All of you MG2 customers, have given me the privilege and time to try out every possible experiment I could think of for several years and establish new datasets and measurements. At some point, finally - the measurements started to show some headroom for improvements and I felt confident enough that the next leap is actually possible, and I announced here that MG3 will come, and as a free update. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply JamO! Really looking forward to test out an updated/new version and I agree with the others here, the triggering is the important stuff, the less “extra effects” included the better as most of us using dedicated software instruments etc for that part.

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Hello dear JamO and friends.

I would add that MG2 has been one of the most useful musicians apps and software of the last years. A definitive breakthrough in the guitar world. I think that a big part of the guitar community are immensely grateful for your work. And yes, indeed, we are counting down the days to enjoy MG3. My acknowledgment, admiration and gratitude from Spain.


I love MidiGuitar and I really don’t understand the impatience that is impressed here.
MG2 is really good, so I can wait in a relaxed way for further umprovement for MG3! The main work is still playing the guitar so that it is “understood” by MidiGuitar and transformed in a clean and proper way.


while we wait for MG3, I’m going to learn how to play guitar. :laughing:

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If an upgrade fee is fair, I would gladly pay the fare to travel to MG3. Everyone deserves to get paid for their work, even if they like it. Why not charge for the option of MPE?

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You don’t understand it because you don’t need it. Your style of playing apparently doesn’t require pitch bend on each individual string. Mine does. Hence the impatience. Take a look at the roli board MIDI keyboards to understand the world outside of what you were used to. MG3 will take guitarists beyond playing a simple trumpet solo or laying down a basic track. It’s about expression. More expression means the ability to tell better stories.

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Roli went bankrupt and was forced to restructure through a new company called Luminary.
The plan is to ditch most of the hardware and focus on milking a subscription service instead.

And more complexity requires more time to keep things on track.
While waiting for the release of MG3, I’m refining my playing technique to improve the tracking because the MPE will require even more virtuosity on the guitar :face_with_monocle:

2030 ? You are enthusiastic bro ! Realistic is 2130 !

Where is midi guitar 3 ?
Where is jam origin ? Still alive ?
Why talking about Midi guitar 3 that NEVER COMES ? If it NEVER COMES , it is much better to NOT
TALK about it ! Please RESPECT users, so Delete everything related to Midi Guitar 3, because it is irrelevant to communicate about things that NEVER comes ! Just show RESPECT to users :rage: !
I have been talking a lot to friends about this software, some of them bought it. Now i will stop because
Jamorigin does not respect their customers :rage::rage::rage: !

@olivier You have every right to express your feelings about the upcoming MG update, but please speak for yourself and not for other users, even if some share your opinion.

I am personally a very satisfied user of the current version which meets my expectations and whose future improvements will bring additional functionalities which I currently do without since they are not yet implemented.
I don’t live for a possible future that may, in the current world context and from one day to the next, not happen for many reasons totally independent of our wills and I appreciate the happiness of the present moment even if I make plans for the future.

And above all, please respect a small artisan developer who works conscientiously with the little means he has to significantly improve his work and that for free and for life, as opposed to some big companies that sometimes take many more years to publish paid and more or less improved updates. Out of respect, I will not give names.

Finally, I repeat, I understand your feelings perfectly, even if I don’t share them.
Time is not the same for everyone, literally and figuratively, as Einstein and Bergson would say. :slightly_smiling_face:

The latter rightly said: “If I want to mix a glass of sugar and water, I must, willy nilly, wait until the sugar melts. This little fact is big with meaning. For here the time I have to wait is not that mathematical time which would apply equally well to the entire history of the material world, even if that history were spread out instantaneously in space. It coincides with my impatience, that is to say, with a certain portion of my own duration, which I cannot protract or contract as I like. It is no longer something thought, it is something lived. It is no longer a relation, it is an absolute…”


Not trying to be a troll, just trying to inject a bit of musical humor. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember this song.

In the year 2525, if man is still alive
If woman can survive, they may find…


I’m actually more interested in MB2. I’d love to finally have a polyphonic MB. Heck, I’d settle for a duo-phonic version limited to the 5th fret on the E string and higher.


I wonder will Midi Bass 2 be included in the free upgrade from MG2 to MG3? I’ll understand if not for sure. I only ask because at some point? (maybe still?) Midi Bass was included for free with Midi Guitar 2. Thanks in advance! Definitely get a lot of use out of both, hopefully the upgrades aren’t too “impossible” to complete! :slight_smile:

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…. At the moment the only real issue left is a pitch/bend stability issue and some performance (CPU) optimizations. The latter is “easy” in the sense that we can estimate what needs to be done. But the former isn’t and thus I can’t give you an estimate……(from JamO)
That was in july 2021

After 18 months (and several years since MG2) we understand that MG3 is still not an alpha product.
Come on let’s be serious, let’s talk about MG2 and do not talk about MG3 which is probably just an hope for JamO and this community.