Midi Guitar 3 beta - Reply to show interest

Yes, the domain name should be fully DMARK/DKIM compliant, but it seems we have some big issues with sending emails.

I am interested in beta testing MIDI Guitar 3.
Thank you for your years of work on this excellent project. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am interested in testing the Beta version, thanks.

Any idea when to expect windows beta version?

“The first BETA version is experimental and for Mac only, but in the coming months updates will follow with improvements, features and documentation”

Never noticed that MIDI Violin will be Beta testing too, Wow how cool is that? Violin was my first instrument, very very cool !!!

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I’m onboard, gonna try latest update that was crashing Logic Pro … My name is Paul songwriter, producer, mixer, guitarist and guitar-to-MIDI madman based in London UK :sunglasses:

My YouTube Channel have a listen : Vice Squad YT

Yes I’d like to know more about the MG3 beta program. Hope I can nstillget on it.

Hi. I’d love to be in the Beta testing. I’m looking to buy MIDI guitar 2 but if MG3 is imminent I’ll wait.

Count me in, I already own Midi Guitar 2 and Midi Bass 2 cannae wait for MG3 baby!!!

Sign me up Thanks!


I would like to give the newest BETA a test run. However, apparently, I am on PC. Thank you.

Count me in–been a long time coming!

Buongiorno, da un pò di tempo non mi connettevo con la vostra pagina. Sono molto contento che a breve ci sarà un aggiornamento a MIDI GUITAR 3. Sono molto interessato a riceverlo. Grazie!!!

I would be interested in the beta for windows
Thank You