MIDI GUITAR 3 for Windows

Short report on the MG3 test. Overall a very good experience. Interesting new features. The delay during the game has become significantly less. However, when playing the piano, there is still a delay and for some reason it constantly periodically requests a license, although I entered the license number and specified an email to confirm it

How did you solve? I tried registering but I still get the pop up?

Not sure. It suddenly just worked after a couple of tries…
Sorry! I wish I could help

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Figured it out, thanks!

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My Reaper does not see MG3. Doesn’t show up in DAW in VST plugins

This is normal, there is no MG3 plugin for Windows at the moment.
This may come with the first Beta version, as the current version isn’t even official :wink:.
The only solution at the moment is to send MG3 standalone to Reaper if your audio interface has a loopback function.

Thank you! I’ll wait for the new version of MG3.

I just gave it a go routing to Ableton with Loopmidi. It is pretty fast. Polyphonic mode seems to be faster than MG2. If all you want to do is supplement your normal guitar pickups with synthesizer vsts, this is certainly the way to go. Good job.

Edit: I did encounter some problems when playing chords. Whereas playing single notes in polyphonic mode worked really well, introducing chords seemed to slow down the midi conversion speed. I had one occasion of playing a 13th chord and MG3 had a difficult time with detecting the root note. It vacillated up and down a half step.


Some good bass players out here need some love too lol… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZNnBF6_P0c I am always up for the latest and greatest tech out there. Fingers crossed for a Midi Bass upgrade too @JamO


Nice playing & great sound combinations, Congrats!!

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Yes, but €4500 to get that sound… I think you can do just as well with Midi Bass for 30 times less.

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Hey, Ivan? I remember playing with you in Nick Fowler’s Gapp Project 20 odd years ago. How goes it? Welcome to the forum.


Download link doesn’t work…


Scroll to the end of the “Beta page” to see the current link:

To avoid future users updating to old versions, the place to download is at BETA Testing – Jam Origin